Saturday, October 11, 2008

Get Paid to Search


I am using a really great site that already paid me 2 times! In the first I earned about 30 pounds (this site pay us in pounds what worth much more than dollar!!) without referrals!! In the second one, one or two weeks ago, I earned 43,85 pounds!!! With only 2 referrals!! It is really good, is not?

This site pay us to search in the net about anything we want! Like google or yahoo!! They pay about one cent of pound per search! And there are no limit to how many search we can do per day!! So is really easy to earn some extra money doing what you already do every day for free!!

They pay us bay paypal, check, banktransfer, and others! And accept international members!!!

Minus Points of this site:

1. They make very late to pay for some users (including my friends)
2. They dont pay you for every search. For example if you search for things like Myspace, Facebook etc they dont pay.

thats all to say negative about this site.

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